Since its inception in 2007, Li-Med has been a beacon of knowledge and expertise in the world of medical device innovation and development. Li-Med has assisted many healthcare innovators, as well as established companies whose opportunities to grow had outpaced their ability to scale, in achieving certifications and enhancing their quality assurance processes to meet the highest standards.

Over the years, the regulatory requirements of the healthcare industry have become more stringent and with them have increased our ability to help companies successfully navigate their way through the maze of regulatory demands worldwide and pave a clear way towards attaining certification.
By combining our expertise, technology, and industry knowledge, we supply our customers with the best actionable pathways to get to where they want to be. Our vast experience allows us to anticipate their regulatory and quality assurance needs and respond quickly to them.

Our goal is to continuously enhance our knowledge and proficiency in such a way that we are constantly able to guide our clients safely towards achieving their business goals in the most cost- effective and efficient way that is just right for them.

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