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We at Li-Med understand the vital importance of getting a medical device product to market swiftly.  Our services are tailored to suit your business needs to provide you with the support you require.  We work closely with our clients, making sure they are involved in all stages of the process and know what to expect.

List of Clients


Responsible, very dedicated to her work.
Has a broad frame of mind – looking for ways to prevent problems rather than waiting for the problems pop up.
Doesn’t try to avoid tasks or transfer them to another person.
Is versatile, able to cope with all sorts of tasks, including new ones that take a long time.
Efficient, working well under pressure and very nice to those around her.

Shani Fridman
R&D Engineering
Edwards Lifesciences Cardioband

I have been working closely with several of the Li-med employees in the last decade and cannot say enough about their professionalism and dedication to their projects. They blend in and become part of the company, understand the technology and , processes, and most importantly meet the set milestones

Ronit Harpaz
BaAppSc (Honors), MBA CEO

She was a great help. She has a high work ethic. The kind of person upon whom you are able to count on. Her professionalism in the field of quality assurance is unmeasurable. On top of that, she does not refuse to take on non-quality tasks in order to help the staff in times of stress.

She has excellent interpersonal capabilities. In short, a pure pleasure to work with.

Accurate Medical Therapeutics

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